AURZA Web design, UI/UX design


AURZA is a fashion platform where customers can purchase and tailor-make products online. Customers will be given various options in design areas such as neckline, chest-seams, as well as fastening choices. Customers can fill in their measurements at checkouts and AURZA will alter each design patterns based on individual’s information. AURZA is definitely the best one-stop platform for consumers who are looking for customized, personalized fashion products.

What we do

We were responsible of visualizing the idea from logo, brand colour to website design. The client was extremely happy with the new color palette and that would suit perfectly for their target audience.

The design conveys an exclusive and sophisticated branding image. In order to streamline and make the shopping experience as frictionless as possible, we created a lot of graphics in order to explain how things work throughout the entire shopping user flow. Customers can easily follow the detailed step-by-step guide to from picking a favourite dress silhouette to colour, customizing different parts of a dress, choosing fabrics, enter measurements to payment process.

AURZA was successfully launched in early 2014 and obtained a very encouraging result from kickstarter before the official launch.