Fable Web design, logo design, frontend development


Fable is a non-profit organization aiming to create an online platform to connect charities and donors across the globe. Smaller charities programmes usually do not have big budget for promotion, many of them have only a very limited exposure and are constrained to raise fund within their neighborhood. Fable aims to solve this very problem -- to allow the charity programmes to create a web presence and a new channel to raise fund from the public. Donors can have an overview of donated projects and how the money contributes to the needs of others.

What we do

We are glad to be involved and responsible for the UI design and front-end development for the website.

We proposed a colour palette for the website which conveys a trustworthy and neutral look-and-feel. Since the age range of target audience is wide. Legibility for elderly people will have to be taken into considerations. Information on the iste must be clear and easy understand. It is also important to guide and encourage donors to make decision and take action on projects the projects they are interested to help.

In order to provide the streamline the selection process, the front-end was writting in the state-of-the-art AngularJS framework to ensure the responsiveness of the components and frictionless access to the ocean of information. The end result is an application like real-time enquiry system and donation system that allows quick interaction with the selection process.

Also getting to work with the top-tier UX designer and the backend development team across the globe was surely a big plus.