WildChina Curate tailor-made, personalized vacations in China


Founded in 2000, WildChina is a travel company in China that focuses on enabling visitors to savor China’s stunning, often difficult to reach gems in a comfortable, stylish and stress-free way. WildChina works with their client to curate tailor-made vacations that delight the senses and confound expectations. Browse our sample trips and let us know what speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to dream big – our years of on-the-ground experience enable us to go the extra mile to craft authentic, compelling experiences that never compromise on comfort.

What do we do

Started from a Wordpress site 15 years ago, WildChina has first come to our friends at Red Ant for strategic planning for the new site as well as UX and UI design, and given the scope and requirements RedAnt has turned to us for the backend implementation eventually.

Given the extremely well thought out UX and UI process, it is obvious that our WildChina needs something more customized, a framework that's more flexible to implement and integrate with than a pre-packaged CMS, hence we have recommended and eventually built the site backend using Laravel Framework. Not only that the implementation was a huge success, through re-engineering the development process we have managed to implement the site slightly faster than building on top of Open Source CMS system, meanwhile providing a speedy, extremely customized, and easy to customize system that's has a lot of room for years of further development.

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